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Events occurring in less than 30 days, please Contact Us, before filling out an application to confirm availability.

Venue Rental

Event Schedule

Meeting/Conference/Class Set-up Information

Concise Information

While the Center desires to make available the facilities under its control for proper public functions, it is felt that the applicant should be familiar with the Rules and Regulations and share with management a responsibility for correct and proper usage.

Must be submitted to the Events Department at least 30 days prior to the event.

Usage is contingent upon final preparation and confirmation of the Facility Director. Annual events are subject to first right of refusal by the client, before the date is released. Allow approximately seven to ten days for completion of the approval process.

Center activities will not be postponed or cancelled to make facilities available to other groups. All groups use shall be subject to Center scheduled activities and we reserve the right, with proper notification, to cancel activities in case of conflict or emergency. All clients must notify MI3 Center of any changes no later than 60 days prior to the date of the event.

An individual agency, organization or group will furnish the Center the following information:

  • A Receipt of Event Application indicating the legal status purposes of the organization,
  • A statement of use for the property of faculties requested,
  • Producer shall submit a certificate of insurance coverage naming MI3 Center as additional insured for the Event.

On behalf of MI3 Center, its owners, personal representatives, guardians, successors, and assigns, the producer hereby unconditionally, irrevocably and absolutely releases, waives, discharges, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, MI3 Center, owners, directors, officers, employees, agents, attorneys, insurers, divisions, successors and assigns, and any related holding, parent, sister or subsidiary corporations or entities (collectively, the “MI3 Center Releases”) from any and all loss, liability, claims, demands, causes of action, costs or expenses (including attorneys‛ fees), damages or suits of any type (collectively, “Claims”), whether in law and/or in equity, related directly or indirectly, or in any way connected with my event including, without limitation, any Claims related in any way to MI3 Center facilities, premises, or equipment.

An appointment is required with the events manager and/or director of operations to confirm room layout, event specifics, equipment needs and special requests.

A preparation of cost analysis based on requests from walk through with clients and operations manager. The total number of hours shall include time required for setup, cleanup, arrival and departure.

All fees are to be paid by company check or money order, made payable to MI3
Center, and shall accompany this signed agreement. Final payment must be received 30 days prior
to the event. Failure to submit final payment by the due date (must be received by MI3 Center), the producer will incur a ten percent late fee (based on remaining balance). If the payment is ten days late, the late penalty increases to a twenty percent late fee. After fifteen days, the producer’s event is subject to cancellation due to non-payment.

An amount not less than twenty-five percent (25%) of the rental cost will be required upon confirmation of reservation (Events Manager, based on projected costs analysis, will determine Event Deposit amount). Please be aware that the deposit to hold the stated date will be non-refundable.

Every additional hour past the time indicated as departure, an additional charge will be assessed to the producer. No function will continue after 12:00 Midnight unless an exception is granted by the Facility Director.

All alcoholic beverages are prohibited unless given prior written agreement by Director of Operations.

At the discretion of the Director of Operations, one or more security officers will be required. This will be discussed based on the event.

MI3 Center shall not be liable for failure of the participants to appear, present or perform if such failure is caused by or due to a natural disaster. If the Event has not begun, MI3 Center and Producer each shall have the independent right to terminate this Agreement. In that event, MI3 Center shall refund all moneys previously paid, except for costs paid and / or contracted for and uncancellable commitments.

Any changes in the characteristics of the event (i.e., schedule conflict, number of participants or spectators, event agenda, etc.) that might impact the integrity of the venue must be approved in writing in advance of the event by MI3 Center. If at any time up to the date of or during the event MI3 Center finds any changes in the characteristics of the event (i.e., schedule conflict, number of participants or spectators, event agenda, etc.) that might impact the integrity of the Venue, MI3 Center reserves the right to cancel the event. If the event is cancelled, all fees paid to MI3 Center by the Producer up to the date of cancellation shall be refunded to the Producer by MI3 Center. MI3 Center will not be liable for any lost profits or consequential damages of any sort and its entire liability, if any, will be limited to monies paid to MI3 Center by the Producer in connection with the event up to the date of cancellation. Cancellation of the event will be transmitted to the Producer in writing.

Event cancellation must be received in writing by the Events Department thirty (30) days prior to scheduled date. Producer shall be responsible for any additional expenses incurred by MI3 Center necessitated either by change of date or cancellation by Producer and all monies paid will be non-refundable. All such expenses shall be determined by MI3 Center and will be presented to Producer within seven (7) working days following the contracted dates(s) of the Event. Producer shall reimburse MI3 Center by certified cashier’s check made payable to MI3 Center within seven (7) days following receipt of such statement.

If your scheduled event goes over the agreed contract time, MI3 Center with charge $100 per hour (per court or meeting room), rounded up to the nearest hour.

  1. Equipment for practice or rentals are not provided.
  2. No outside food or drinks
  3. Water only is allowed on courts
  4. No coolers
  5. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated
  6. No loitering
  7. No foul language
  8. No spitting on courts
  9. No chewing gum
  10. No alcohol or tobacco products
  11. Children must be supervised by their parents at ALL times

  • No outside food or drinks unless approved by Center.
  • No chewing gum
  • No tacks/pins on meeting room walls
  • No alcohol or tobacco products

I understand and will comply with the rules and regulations of MI3 Center. I take full responsibility for all damages and injuries. Filling your name in the "Signature" line below, indicates a legal signature.